STARBALM is pleased to partner with the epic Techcombank HCMC International Marathon 2022 event, attracting thousands of local and international runners.

Coming to this exciting full playground this time, STARBALM not only brings products to help warm up the body, support movement, prevent injury, and quickly recover for athletes who are active on their own. Break the limit on the enthusiast going through 17 famous landmarks to reach the finish line.

Each finish line is not an end point, but a starting point to open a new journey, and STARBALM will always be an partner to accompany you. Besides, STARBALM also wants to spread the message “Eercise with a plan” to encourage people to exercise in a healthier way, and create a healthier, happier society. 

In addition to the intangible values ​​that STARBALM brings to the users, the product is also appreciated by:

– Suitable for all needs because STARBALM products are diverse from gels, spray bottles, roller bottles, inhalers, massage oils, massage gels, to sports cloth bandages, cooling bags, thermal patches that go beyond expectations.

– Completely free of camphor and made from the best ingredients with an exclusive formula from leading musculoskeletal & sports experts in the Netherlands, bringing peace of mind and satisfaction to users.

– Not only safe for users, but also friendly to the environment, because STARBALM applies Bag on Valve (BoV) technology that does not cause explosion and pollution.

– STARBALM uses the most advanced spray technology, challenging all angles (360 degree spray).