MARATHON (42,195 KM)

Cut-off time: 7 hours 30 minutes

Standard Price: 2.075.000 VND 

Completing a marathon for running enthusiasts is your reward and the achievement to be proud of. According to a survey from the International Institute for Race Medicine (IIRM), there are only about 1.1 million marathon runners each year. So, if you successfully conquer 42 km distance, you will be in 1% of the world’s population.



Cut-off time: 4 hours

Standard Price: 1.675.000 VND

The Half Marathon is a more achievable goal compared to the Marathon, as it requires a certain level of endurance but not as much as the full Marathon distance. It serves as an ideal challenge for beginner or inexperienced runners who seek to test their endurance and follow a comprehensive training plan.



Cut-off time: 2 hours

Standard Price: 1.150.000 VND

The 10 KM distance is ideal for all individuals, but it necessitates following a scientific training plan. It appeals specifically to passionate runners aiming to improve their performance and attain greater success in the sport.



Cut-off time: 1 hour

Standard Price: 775.000 VND

Participating in a 5 KM run is the initial step towards adopting a more active and healthy lifestyle. It also provides an opportunity for you, your family, friends, colleagues, and community clubs to come together, connect, and engage in one of the largest international marathon events in Vietnam, which holds significant influence in Southeast Asia.


KIDS RUN (1,5 KM & 3 KM)

Standard Price: 650.000 VND

The KIDS RUN is an exciting event for children aged 5-14 years old, aiming to create a safe and healthy playground that promotes the development of a healthy lifestyle from an early age.