Female Force


The Female Force program is specifically designed for women as a way for women to realize their power and ignite a passion for running while also highlighting the social component of the sport. This is a unique way for women to run the 5km distance together while helping to close the gender gap in running!


At the 4th edition of the Techcombank Ho Chi Minh City International Marathon, we have been excited to see the growth of female participation each year since our inaugural event. Although the growth has been strong and our race has some of the strongest female representations in Viet Nam, we would like to see equal gender representation at our event.

In life, every great achievement is made up of small and successful actions that people have put into motion. Today, you are ready to kick off the challenge with the 5km run. Breakthrough your limits together with the Female Force program!

How to Register

– The program applies to group registrations with a minimum of 02 members.
– The group’s representative member can contact the Organizers via email: sales@sunriseevents.com.vn
– The Organizers will send the registration form to the representative for the personal information of all members of the group.
– Provide payment as required and issue invoices (if required).

Contact Information

For more detailed information regarding the program, how to register and payment, please contact: sales@sunriseevents.com.vn

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