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SEV was originally established in 2013 to own and produce IRONMAN 70.3 in Vietnam. After it’s 5th successful year in Danang, the IRONMAN event week now includes IRONKIDS, Sunrise Sprint, Champion Dash and Kids Run. The total company portfolio houses an expanding number of banner events including Techcombank Ho Chi Minh City International Marathon and Hanoi Marathon, Vinpearl Luxury Landmark 81: Race to the Summit and a number of other corporate endurance sports event for private clients. The vision of SEV is to put Vietnam on the world map for triathlon/multi-sport events, promote health and wellness via physical activity and to establish the country as the sports tourism
capital of Southeast Asia.
want want
Want Want Group was established in 1962 in Taiwan. After many years of development, now Want Want Group has presented in 6 continents and 60 countries.

Want Want Group is constantly researching, pursuing innovation and developing products in order to make each product healthy, delicious and provide each consumer with the best consumption experience.

Now, Taiwan Want Want Group has penetrated into Vietnam, with diversified products: Want Want Rice Cracker Seaweed and Want Want Rice Cracker Soya, Want Want QQ Gummies, Want Want Frozen… are manufactured with advanced technology and automation
Start from the source of the product, strictly control every link, ensure that all products from the production to the factory, through the high requirements of the control, continue to practice the consumer’s commitment to product quality.

Want Want – brings the international product quality to Vietnamese families.

Established in 1997, the American Education Group (AEG) is the leading education group in Vietnam for study in the US consultancy. Over the past 20 years, AEG has been preparing and successfully advising more than 2,500 students to study at top Universities/ Boarding schools in the US.
In 2015, AEG launched the first English center in HCMC with a program for children from 4 to 16 years old, called STEAM English; and international exam preparation courses. STEAM English is a unique program that combines STEAM methodology with English language learning, using 21st-century skills. AEG is the first education group in Asia to receive STEM certification from AdvancED, USA.
With qualified foreign teachers, AEG is also a place to help students achieve high results in international examinations. Besides a strong English foundation, AEG also helps students become more confident to integrate with the international working and studying environment.
Nike is a global marketer of athletic footwear, apparel and equipment that is unrivaled in the world. The company was founded on January 25, 1964, as Blue Ribbon Sports, by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, and officially became Nike, Inc. on May 30, 1971. Along the way, Nike has established a strong Brand Portfolio with several wholly-owned subsidiaries including Cole Haan, Converse Inc., Hurley International LLC, NIKE Golf, and Umbro Ltd. So while the Pacific Northwest is the birthplace to Nike, today we operate in more than 160 countries around the globe. That includes more than 30,000 Nike employees across six continents, each of whom make their own contribution to fulfill our mission statement: to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. Proud to be the very first distributor of Nike in Vietnam – NIKE ACFC brings a whole new playground for all sports enthusiasts to be closer to their favorite brand and also makes Vietnam’s market grow
Phiten is a reliable brand in Japan for more 37 years and is widely known for its role in sport and daily activity support. Phiten merchandises are available in 28 countries worldwide with over 400 shops. Customers trust to use Phiten for the comprehensive support of the body in athletics and sports from Supporters, Sports Tapes, Jewelry, and Sports Apparel.
Using the Phild technology, Phiten is the FIRST and ONLY company to succeed in dissolving some unique metals which are insoluble in water (e.g Titanium, Gold, Silver, and Palladium), and through the Phild process, Phiten is able to draw forth and amplify the metal inherent beneficial properties.
By incorporating them into a wide variety of products ( e.g Supporters, Sports Tapes, Jewelry, and Sports Apparel) to cater to the different needs of end-consumers, Phiten becomes a trusted brand for pain management, injury recovery/ prevention, and a healthy life conditioning.
Due to internal factors like work stress or external factors like electromagnetic waves emitted from computers, our “ bio-electric current” is often “disturbed”. Hence, lactic acid in the blood accumulates and concentrates to abnormally high levels in the muscles, hindering muscle contraction, and ultimately leading to fatigue. Many people become casualties of headaches, stiffness in the shoulders/neck, lower back/ knee/ ankle pain etc. Phiten Titanium products stabilize the “disturbed” bio-electric current and thereby improving our body physical functions and conditions (i.e. natural healing power)

Established in 2006, the American Chiropractic Clinic (ACC) is the first chiropractic clinic opened in Vietnam. According to the motto of “Treating pain without drugs or surgery”, ACC commits to bringing our patients the best healthcare services.. Over the last 14 years, ACC have been trusted by the people in Vietnam having provided successful treatments for many patients suffering from spinal related conditions as well as sports injuries. ACC is the ‘state of the art’ Chiropractic, Physiotherapy Rehabilitation and Foot Care center, which provides the highest level of quality and facility, exceeding that of most similar clinics in Southeast Asia. Our doctors from the United States, Canada, France, New Zealand and South Korea are well qualified, experienced, dedicated to the health of patients. We are among one of the few high quality medical establishments in Vietnam that regularly attracts overseas patients from Asian and Western countries.

  • Spine degeneration
  • Disc syndrome
  • Back, neck, shoulder, and knee pains
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
  • Foot related problems
  • Sport injuries

About Masterise Homes
Masterise Homes is the developer who is the pioneer in bringing world-class excellence to the development, operations, and management of luxury real estate products and services, in the Vietnamese market and beyond. With the core value “Customer Centricity” Masterise Homes has been continuously placing customers as the forefront of our culture and philosophy. We commit to delivering products and services that meet our customers’ expectations for contemporary living – ensuring they all have the best experiences through our operational excellence, advanced digitalization, and world-class partnerships. Our track record projects – Masteri Thảo Điền, Masteri An Phú, Millennium…strongly testify our success and reputation. We have also launched new projects, namely Masteri Centre Point (D9), LUMIÈRE riverside (D2) and Masteri Waterfront (Hanoi).

Established in 1993, Techcombank (TCB) is one of the largest joint stock banks in Vietnam, and a leading bank in Asia. TCB pursues a proven customer-centric strategy in providing a broad range of banking solutions and services to more than six million retail, SME, and corporate customers in Vietnam through an extensive network of 313 branches across the country and through its market leading internet and mobile banking services. The bank’s ecosystem approach within its chosen economic segments of housing, FMCG, auto, travel & leisure, financial services and utilities and telecom further differentiates TCB in one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Techcombank’s message “Be Greater Together”, has accompanied the Ho Chi Minh International Marathon for the past 4 years. The desire has been to encourage, motivate and facilitate Vietnamese people to practice a lifestyle of being greater in the areas of Healthy Living – Development and Success, from which to make your dream a reality.
TCB is rated highest among banks in Vietnam with a Ba31 from Moody’s and BB-2 from S&P and was named Best Bank in Vietnam 2018 by Euromoney. TCB is listed on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE) under the ticker TCB.

Vietnamese fruit is a proud story, we are one of the great fruit granaries in the world. Currently Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group (HAGL) owns about 10,000 hectares of banana garden. Fresh bananas are the key product, bringing in the biggest source of revenue for the company. In June 2020, Vietnam recorded HAGL’s fresh banana products being sold at Lotte Mart supermarket in Korea. And Fruitsco VN was born with the purpose of being an enterprise responsible for exclusive distribution of domestic fruit products, especially bolaven bananas from HAGL Group with the desire to bring valuable products to customers. With the advantages of land and special labor from the enthusiastic investment in each stage of production, the fruit variety named Bolaven, Fruitsco VN is step by step bringing a completely different banana product certified by Global GAP to Internal Market. Bolaven bananas are grown at an altitude of 1000m above sea level on Bolaven Plateau farms – Laos, nurtured for 42 weeks, so Bolaven bananas are rich in nutrients, sweet, more flexible and fragrant. than bananas grown in the plain.


STARBALM® is a product of the company Novum Pharma BV. The range of STARBALM products is researched and developed by the top of the world sports experts, dedicated to supporting external treatment, solving muscle-bone – joint pain problems, especially “becoming a partner” for professional athletes and sports lovers, athletes. Simultaneously, it is recommended to use in daily activities and labor. The 100% herbal ingredients of STARBALM have been used for ages by people all over the world. STARBALM products not only help relieve pains; recover safely and quickly with long-term effects. These products also help you easily reach the limit of muscle so you are able to play sports more effectively and achieve better results. STARBALM’s spirit is “Exercise With A Plan” – a planned exercise will help you proactively prevent injury, improve your performance, and beyond your limits. STARBALM provides a comprehensive solution to prevent injury BEFORE/ DURING/ AFTER exercising so you can get the maximum out of your body. There are two main product lines:

• Warm line (Red): The best choice to warm up muscles before exercising and massage them after playing. Furthermore, this product line is ideal for each family in order to relieve pain or muscle aches – bone- joint problems in daily life. STARBALM WARM SPRAY is the ONLY professional product on the market today that it can support muscles to reach enough heat. That helps you enhance endurance when exercising, easily break through limits.

• Cold line ( Blue): It is used DURING and AFTER excercising, daily activities so as to prevent swellind, pain and support for some minor injuries. STARBALM COLD SPRAY is the ONLY professional product on today’s market to help you instantly block injuries, reduce swelling, pain, bruising while playing sports or movement with deep cooling technology. It can shorten recovery time up to 80%, while calming muscles caused by excessive exercise.

Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam (PGPV) is a joint venture between Puratos Group and Grand-Place Holding. Both companies have roots in Belgium and made their first investment in Vietnam more than 20 years ago. PGPI offers a full range of innovative products, raw materials and application expertise for customers from artisans, food service, chocolate, bakeries and patisseries.
We are the pioneer in promoting Vietnam Cocoa to the world through Vertical Integration model (from Cocoa Pobs to Chocolate) we worked closely with cocoa farmers to ensure the highest quality of the cocoa to great taste chocolate offering to confectionery manufactures, bakery shop, foodservice, cafe…
With global presence & consumer understanding, Puratos is always focus on research & development to offer innovation, solution for customers
Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam is a reliable parter in innovation
Xtep International Holdings Limited is a leading multi-brand sportswear company listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 3 June 2008. The Group engages mainly in the design, development, manufacturing, sales, marketing and brand management of sports products, including footwear, apparel and accessories.
Established since 2001, its own signature brand “Xtep” is a leading professional sports brand with an extensive distribution network of over 7,100 stores covering 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the PRC and overseas. In 2019, the Group has further diversified its brand portfolio which now includes four internationally acclaimed brands, namely K-Swiss, Palladium, Saucony and Merrell.
Pioneering in opening the path of healthy and purely natural beverages, in early 2020, TH Group officially launched the Natural Juice products under the brand TH true JUICE. Produced from domestic and world-famous fruit materials on German modern technology lines, TH true JUICE is not only delicious but also helps provide essential vitamins & minerals to the body.
TH true JUICE product lines include: TH true JUICE, TH true JUICE smoothie and TH true JUICE milk. TH true JUICE milk is a tasty blend of natural juice and fresh milk from TH farm, creating a drink rich in vitamins & nutrients, helping to bring energy purely from nature, especially suitable for physical activities. With pack size of 300ml and wide bottle-neck design, this is an ideal drink to consume on-the-go, bringing out thirst-quenching and full-of-energy drinking experience.

ONWAYS is nurtured by a team of passionate sports enthusiasts. Always listening and understanding the needs and wants of sports players, we constantly create the best products focusing on the lightness and absorbency to resolve problems of heat and sweat for our customers. Other than that, we have a free 365-day warranty and 50% discount for customers whose clothes’ size got reduced together with many other attractive customer care policies. ONWAYS is pleased to provide clothings for reputable brands, organizations and teams in Vietnam.


Trending of choosing food that fit the world’s fast and sustainable lifestyles at this decade, selecting 100% from real and clean ingredients in Vietnam, 365BEGIN’s energy bars such as FITTO brown rice-nut bar, SUPERFIT oat-nut bar, Banu protein-bar are nutritional supplements for a busy modern life, easily surrounded by unhealthy food.

These energy bars are researched to the diet, ensured only what’s really good and absolutely necessary to help you eat clean, stay active and uplift your overall happiness every day, and convenience for you to replenish energy during training or tournament which require high energy, even if you are a professional athlete or sport player at any ages. Stay strong!

Especially, our bars are proudly made in Vietnam, completely adjusted to Vietnamese tastes, so that you not just feel it’s tasty but also gradually feel a new lifestyle – healthy life.



Pocari Sweat, with the composition of water and ion similar to our body fluids, will help runners rehydrate quickly for enduring their performances and conquering the race. In particular, to avoid dehydration when running, runner should remember the three following rules:

· Before running, drink 200 – 500ml of ion supply drink Pocari Sweat.
· Every 20 minutes of running, replenish your body with 1 cup of Pocari Sweat at water stations.
· After running, the body will lose 1 – 2% weight due to normal dehydration. For every 500g of weight lost, drink 500 – 700 ml of Pocari Sweat.

POCARI SWEAT is an ion supply drink from Japan. Not only rehydrating 2.2 times faster than normal water, Pocari also meets the 5 No criterion: “no gas, no caffeine, no chemical sugar, no colorants and no preservatives” – the perfect choice for your health.


Founded September 2006 in Ho Chi Minh City with U$ 30M capital investment. Chicilon Media is one of Vietnam’s leading digital media companies. In January 2008, DFJ Vinacapital, one of the world’s top venture capital management companies, funded additional strategic investment to support Chicilon Media’s development.

Based on an audience – centric approach, Chicilon Media is committed being the premier provider of out-of-home television advertising and in-elevator poster frame advertising solutions in Vietnam. With its rapid expansion, Chicilon Media currently reaches a market that includes more than 2,100 high-rise buildings, 14 airports, 40 supermarkets. At present Chicilon Media’s penetration represent over 70% of all out-of-home LED media sources with its 22,000 TVs andPosters. Chicilon Media has become the nation’s most effective branding & message delivery bridge with 40-million daily impressions.

Son Huong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd has nearly 30 years of experience in supplying medical equipment and devices, we are constantly working to improve our quality of service to our customers.

Recently, running competitions are not only a sport, they gradually become an entertaining activity for those who want to free themselves and live their spirit to the fullest. As a veteran and reliable partner of prestige healthcare-equipment brands, distributors such as: DKSH, Vimedimex, Omron, Greetmed, Jobst, … Son Huong has the honor of joining hands in supporting sport movements, especially running.

Along with the organizer of Ho Chi Minh City International Marathon of Techcombank 2020, Son Huong will stand with the runner to the end and keep them safe through the whole competition from running injuries. We believe that running is not only a sport but also a healthy lifestyle that is worth spreading


Heineken has presented its latest innovation on March 2020 in Vietnam, ‘Heineken 0.0,’ a non-alcoholic lager brewed with a unique recipe for a distinct balanced taste while containing only 69 calories per 330ml bottle.
The brand’s iconic green label has been turned blue – the color associated with the non-alcoholic category.
Heineken’s master brewers created the new zero-alcohol beer using only natural ingredients, resulting in a beer brewed for beer lovers, by beer lovers.
The alcohol is gently removed through a sophisticated process of vacuum distillation before the beer is double brewed to perfection with natural flavorings.
Heineken 0.0 gives consumers a choice for a variety of drinking occasions. They can enjoy this non-alcoholic beer at work, at the gym, during lunchtime, and even when they have to drive home afterward as it contains zero alcohol.

Jump Arena

Jump Arena is the leading Trampoline Park in Vietnam in which integrating a variety of uniquely interesting games and activities on trampoline such as Rock Climbing, Ninja Challenge, ….. Fun as the key, activities at Jump Arena are designed with most of the benefits of joy on mental health, physical health and quality of life.
Exclusively at Jump Arena, we develop special packages for all Jumpers such as birthday party, team building and school trip
· Activities: Various custom sport activities for team building.
· Host: Professional and dynamic
· Service: Saving package with flexible pricing


Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Corporation was founded in 1847 and has become one of Japan’s leading pharmaceutical companies, focusing on pain relief patches. Our flagship product, SALONPAS, is a pioneer in the field of transdermal patches which is registered in more than 100 countries over the world. We are putting effort to improve the quality of life for people around the world by completing our mission “Promoting Patch Treatment Culture Worldwide”.

LA VIE LLC is a joint venture company between Nestlé Waters – The #1 Bottle water company in the world – and Long An General Trading Company since 1992. For more than 25 years, LA VIE LLC always tries to provide high quality healthy water-based products to consumer. Every drop in every bottle of our water goes through a rigorous 12-step quality process. That’s how we can make sure it meets our high safety standards, and tastes great too. Today, La Vie is the #1 Natural Mineral Water brand in Vietnam*
*According to BC Nielsen 2019
Garmin was founded in 1989 with the headquarter located in the United States. Garmin is proud to be a pioneer in the aviation industry with outstanding GPS navigation products throughout nearly three decades. Until now, Garmin is one of the leading corporations in the aerospace, marine, automotive, outdoor activities and sports markets.

In Vietnam, Garmin is a reliable GPS smartwatch brand that tracks your performance to every movement along with its dynamic design, impeccable quality, and impressive durability. We, place on your wrist, track your heartbeat and accompany every path you conquer.

With the belief that everyone can start running to enhance physical strength and mental health, BITI’S HUNTER RUNNING – the first ever running shoes from Biti’s Hunter, was introduced after a long time of continuous research and development. Innovating with a new superior generation of cushion & exclusive technology, Biti’s Hunter Runnning offers a smooth & comfortable running experience in everyday run:
– Soft trides & powerful energy return providing ‘light as fly’ running experience with LITEBOUNCE CUSHION – new superior generation of cushion from Biti’s Hunter.
– Lightweight Breathability brought to you by TRUEFIT LITEKNIT UPPER technology with soft woven yarn wrapping your foot & letting air flow freely in every movement.
– Fits and fits all of your feet with TRUEFIT INSOLE – a two-layer insole made of Ortholite and EVA offering soft & comfortable feel.
Biti’s Hunter Running – the ideal partner for your everyday run.
Welcome to LEEP! Vietnam’s largest fitness & lifestyle network. An intelligent digital Life Enhancement Ecosystem that provides its users with personalized fitness solutions generated by LISA, LEEP’s Artificial Intelligence Software Assistant, who will help you live better by recommending the best activities for you. With LEEP’s expansive network of more than 100 clubs, thousands of classes and sports activities, plus the most qualified personal trainers, yoga instructors and fitness experts; LEEP takes the guess work out of choosing the right fitness solutions for your life. And, most importantly, LEEP’s digital wallet technology allows you to pay as you go without any contracts. Never again be locked into any contracts or pay for services you’re not using.

Join the REVOLUTION and Live Active with LEEP!

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