Thank you for the partnership of Fonos in the 6th Edition!

🌟 With more than 13,000 rich content such as copyrighted Audiobooks, Podcasts, Book Summaries, Ebooks, Meditations, Sleep Stories; Fonos has become a trusted friend, meeting all the needs of busy people.

❤️‍ At the 6th Edition of the Techcombank Ho Chi Minh City International Marathon, Fonos has brought an exclusive offer to 15,000 athletes (view the imaged below*) and a free gift of the audiobook “Công Thức Chạy Bộ Của Daniels” which has been sent to athletes’ emails. The book was written by Jack Daniels – PhD, the best coach in the world (according to Runner’s World magazine). This is the foundational book for thousands of athletes to apply in training and competition.

💥 Let’s enjoy your everyday life with Fonos!

(*) The deadline for athletes to register for the annual membership package at Fonus is December 31, 2023!