Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations (R&Rs) are intended to help produce and direct a large scale event, to ensure the safety of all participants, to meet the requirements of local government permits and to be compliant and applicable with Ho Chi Minh City Athletics Federation and International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) regulations for participant performance records and event liability.


Participants must be able to complete the race, from start Line to Finish Line, within the cut-off time for the respective distances below:

  • Marathon/ (42.195km) – 06 hours 30 minus after the last start
  • Half Marathon/ (21.1km) – 4 hours after the last start
  • 10KM/ – 2 hours after last flag off
  • 5KM/ – 1 hour after last flag off

Note: There might be staggered cut-off times at selected sections of the race route. Details of these cut-off points will be released closer to race day. For participants’ safety and to avoid being caught in between live traffic, participants must obey as instructed, or they will be pulled off the racecourse immediately.

  • Participants must satisfy the age requirements for respective distance as below to register:
    • A Participant must be 18 years and above in the Race Year to participate in the Marathon – 42.195km.
    • A Participant must be 16 years and above in the Race Year to participate in the Half Marathon – 21.1km.
    • A Participant must be 14 years and above in the Race Year to participate in the 10km race.
    • A Participant must be 10 years and above in the Race Year to participate in the 5km race.
    • Any Participant below the age of 18 in the Year 2024 is required to seek parental/guardian consent and complete the Liability Waiver and Race Agreement forms when registering online or in person. SEV reserves the right to refuse entry to any Participant that fails to complete the aforementioned requirements.
  • Each participant must sign an event waiver before participating in the event as part of the registration process.
  • Any participant seeking accommodation in respect of a disability must submit a written request to the Organizer at
  • Race entries and ancillary purchases are non-refundable under any and all circumstances.
  • Participant race number bibs are specific personal identifiers and may not be exchanged, or sold to any other person.
  • The sale of race entries/bibs is strictly prohibited and will result in the disqualification and/or banning of any individuals involved from future events.
  • Cancellation and Change
    • After registration, there will be no fee refund for a participant who does not eventually take part in The Techcombank Ho Chi Minh City International Marathon, for any reason whatsoever.
    • A Participant may change race categories. In the case of said event, Participants need to email his/her request to the organizer at together with the appropriate changing fee.
ChangeUpgrade$8.5 changing fee + the difference.
No more changing

Downgrade$8.5 changing fee + the difference.


  • The Kids Run is non-competitive, therefore, no timing device will be issued and no official timing will be recorded or provided.
  • There will be two (2) different start times for the Kids Run by reference to age before the race day:
    • Between 5 – 10 years old*: 1.5 Km
    • Between 7 – 14 years old*: 3 Km

*Age in the Year 2024

  • Participants must be 5 years and above in the year 2024 to participate in the KIDS RUN. Parents or guardians of the Participants of the Kids Run must complete the Liability Waiver and Race Agreement form in the online registration form, failing which SEV reserves the right to refuse entry to any Participant.
  • No parent/guardian is allowed on the course with kids.


Please visit our Corporate challenge page for more information.


  • All participants must collect their race entry pack (the “Race Entry Pack”) which includes the race bib, timing device (attached to the race bib), and other novelties at the Race Entry Pack Collection location (“REPC”) during the collection period (“Collection Period”), of which details will be stated on the Official Website. If Participants are unable to collect their Race Entry Pack in person, they may empower a duly authorized representative in accordance with the procedure detailed on the Official Website.
  • Participants must provide photo identification and email confirmation (can be in electronic format eg. Mobile phone or printed) upon picking up their packets to verify their identity as the registrant to whom the bib number is assigned.
  • Participants are responsible for verifying that the timing device attached to the bib number is worn correctly during the race.
  • There will be no collection of race packs out of the stipulated Collection Period. Late collection will not be entertained and SEV shall not be liable for any other loss or inconvenience caused, due to Participant’s inability to collect his/her Race Entry Pack, for any reason whatsoever. For the avoidance of doubt, SEV is not obliged to extend the collection period or to ensure that a Participant receives his or her Race Entry Pack. At all times, it is the responsibility of the Participant to collect his or her Race Entry Pack during the Collection Period. Race Entry Packs not collected during the Collection Period will be deemed to be unwanted, and SEV shall be at liberty to dispose or re-distribute them accordingly.


  • Participants must follow instructions as given by all event officials including race staff, volunteers, medical personnel, security officers, and city officials throughout the duration of the event.
  • All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner during their participation in the event. This means, for example, that urinating or defecating anywhere on or near the course shall be strictly prohibited except in toilet facilities. Anyone violating this rule of conduct shall be disqualified from the event and will be asked to leave the course.
  • All participants will be provided with a personally assigned event bib number, which must be conspicuously worn on the front (and back when applicable) of their running attire throughout the duration of the event. The event bib number is to be worn as issued. No participant shall be permitted to participate in the event without his/her appropriate bib number.
  • The form on the reverse side of the Participant’s race bib must be fully and accurately completed. Participants must attach the assigned bib on the front of his/her running attire. Participants not wearing a bib will be taken off the race route by security officers or route marshals.
  • Pets, bicycles, in-line skates, prams, pushcarts, shoes with built-in or attached rollers, and any other wheel-run objects are not allowed on the race route. Only official race and medical vehicles are allowed on the race route.
  • SEV reserves the right to use any photographs, motion pictures, recordings, or any other media records (including those displaying the Participant) of The Techcombank Ho Chi Minh City International Marathon, for any legitimate purpose, including commercial advertising, and the Participant hereby consents to any and all such use.
  • SEV reserves the right to limit and/or refuse race entries without assigning any reason.
  • Organizing Commitee reserves the right to cancel The Techcombank Ho Chi Minh City International Marathon at any time without prior notice to the Participant, in which case it will make reasonable efforts to inform the Participant prior to the date of the event. If The Techcombank Ho Chi Minh City International Marathon is canceled, there shall be no refund of fees paid.
  • Organizing Commitee reserves the right to cancel any race category without prior notice to the Participants.
  • SEV will not entertain nor be in any way responsible for any disputes arising from incomplete entry details.

The Start

  • Participants may be required to start from different start pens based on his/her estimated time of completion. Participants are to assemble in his/her respective start pens that are reflected on his/her bib.
  • All participants are responsible for knowing the race’s start time and their start pens. All participants must be present at the appointed time to receive instructions and to participate in the official start of the race.
  • Participants shall assemble for the race in their assigned start pens prior to the closing of their pens and the race start. Any athlete attempting to enter a start pen to which he/she is not assigned will be required to start after all other participants have crossed the start line.
  • All participants must enter their start pen at the designated entry points. Any person who climbs the fence or otherwise enters improperly will be disqualified from the event.
  • All participants must be positioned behind the official start line prior to the start of the race.


Course Monitoring

  • Any participant who refuses to obey the directions of event officials, city officials, or course marshals, or who conducts himself/herself in an unsportsmanlike manner, or who is offensive by action or language to officials, volunteers, participants, or spectators, may be disqualified from the event and from future participation at the discretion of race officials.
  • No participant, after leaving the course, will be allowed to rejoin the race either for the purpose of gaining a place or to pace or to assist another participant.
  • Any participant who has been found by a course marshal, event official or surveillance equipment to have gained an unfair advantage by intentionally shortening the route of the race (“cutting the course”) will be disqualified from the event.
  • A participant who has received any assistance whatsoever from any other person may be disqualified from the event. “Assistance” includes, without limitation, the conveying of advice, information, or direct or indirect help to an athlete by any means, including technical communication devices. It also includes pacing by persons not officially participating in the event. It does not include the participation of officially designated guides or contracted pacesetters in the race, provided such pacesetters start in the event.
  • Any person participating in the event without a current official event bib number or timing device or a bib or timing device not officially assigned to him/her is subject to removal and disqualification from future events.
  • No persons are authorized to be on the course unless they are registered participants or authorized event staff. Therefore, no person shall be allowed to accompany a participant if he/she is not registered in the event, nor shall any participant be allowed, without the permission of the event management, to receive assistance or refreshment from anyone during the progress of the event. Any person not properly displaying an official event bib number will be directed to leave the course.
  • A hands-on medical examination during the progress of an event by officially designated medical personnel is not considered assistance and will not result in disqualification if the participant is deemed medically fit to continue in the race.

Participant Safety

  • The use of wheeled devices by participants or any other person authorized to be on the course is strictly limited to: (a) authorized and registered wheelchair and handcycle participants and (b) authorized course marshals on bicycles. Baby joggers, baby strollers, skateboards, rollerblades, unauthorized bicycles or any other wheeled devices will not be permitted.
  • Participants are responsible for their recognition and understanding of event signage and symbols relating to participant maps, facilities and directions.
  • Medical personnel authorized by the event to do so may examine any participant who appears in distress. If, in the sole opinion of authorized medical personnel, it is in the best interest of the participant’s health and welfare, medical personnel may remove a participant from the event.
  • Participants must retire at once from the race if ordered to do so by a member of the event staff, medical staff or any governmental authority, including fire and police officers.
  • Participants are responsible and assume liability for any and all medical expenses incurred as a result of training for and/or participation in the event, including but not limited to ambulance transport, hospital stays, physician and pharmaceutical goods and services.
  • Event officials reserve the right to delay, cancel or suspend the race due to inclement weather in accordance with Emergency Protocol on severe emergencies and/or inclement weather.
  • All athletes must complete the health declaration form and follow COVID-19 prevention regulations. Anyone not following the above instruction will be asked to leave the event area with immediate effect.

Result Timing

  • All participants are assigned a timing device prior to the event which is attached to their bib.
  • Clock time (gun time) is the official time for designated elite athletes.
  • Official times for participants in Start Pens A, B, C, D, E will be the electronic timing device time (net time) from when the participant crosses the start line to the point where the participant crosses the finish line.
  • Participants must wear their assigned timing device, which is permanently attached to their bib number, from start line to finish line to receive an accurate finish time.
  • Participant net times that exceed the event cut-off time requirement may not be recognized as official finishers.

Timing Disqualification

  • Participants found to be wearing two or more timing devices during the race will be disqualified and their results will not be recorded.
  • Participants with missing or irregular split times at official timing checkpoints will be reviewed and may be disqualified.
  • All finish times are reviewed before times are deemed official. Participants will be given the opportunity to appeal unofficial finish times before the finish times are made official.
  • Participants must begin the event during the official recognized start time in order to register an official finish time.

Prize Money and Awards

  • In accordance with IAAF and Athletic Federation sanctions, athletes are subject to anti-doping rules. An anti-doping rule violation occurring during or in connection with the event may lead to disqualification of the athletes’ individual results, including forfeiture of all awards, points and prizes.
  • All finish times and placements are reviewed and deemed official before cash awards are distributed.
  • Only Vietnamese runners are qualified for Vietnamese Category prizes.
  • SEV reserves the right to replace any winner if he or she is found to be disqualified.
  • Collection of Prize Money will only be processed after the submission of Winner’s Information for Prize Money Form and a copy of the Participant’s Passport or Photo ID. In the event form submission is incomplete, participants would have to re-submit, and SEV reserves the right to refuse incomplete forms.
  • All prizes not claimed within one (1) month from submission of Winner’s Information for Prize Money Form will be forfeited and SEV will be at liberty to redistribute or dispose of them accordingly.
  • Prizes must be taken, in the forms as presented by SEV. They are not transferable or exchangeable for cash and are subject to the R&Rs and/or T&Cs as determined by SEV.
  • The “Gun Time” will be considered to determine the winners for all categories.
  • For individual prizes please see

    *Only Participants, who are Vietnamese Nationals, are eligible to compete for Vietnamese categories.
  • Prizes will not be awarded for the Kids Run as it is a non-competitive race.
  • For prize winners or possible prize winners, appeals of disputes must be made on-site in person, in a written format via email to with an appeal fee of 500 000VND, before 15:00 of Event day.
  • For all other Participants, appeals over disputes regarding the results must be submitted in a written format with an appeal fee of 500 000VND, including electronic mail within 7 calendar days of race day. SEV reserves the right not to entertain any appeals after 7 calendar days. Please send your appeal email to:

Runner’s Entitlement

  • Running apparel sizes are strictly non-exchangeable. Participants are advised to check the running apparel size chart provided on the registration form before choosing their preferred sizing.
  • All Participants who successfully complete the race in their chosen race category will be awarded a Finisher’s Medal upon presenting their race bib to the respective officials at the Athletes Welfare Area (located at the finishing point).
  • A Marathon Participant will only be able to collect his or her Finisher’s T-shirt upon successful completion of the run on race day. The Finisher’s T-shirt size is subject to availability and issued on a first-come-first-served basis to a Marathon Participant. In the event that the preferred size is no longer available, the next best size will be given and no exchange is available during or after the event. Running apparel sizes chosen during registration is not indicative of the size availability of the Finisher’s T-shirt on-site on the event day.
  • All Finisher’s Medals and T-shirts are to be collected on race day. No requests thereafter will be entertained.

Anti-fraud rules

Participants must comply with the rules and regulations of the competition, issued by the Organizing Commitee under City Government Supervision and Local Laws. 

The acts of cheating, using prohibited substances according to the Prohibited List under the regulations of the IAAF are strictly prohibited in any form.

Acts of transferring BIB without the consent of the Organizer or using fake BIB will be disqualified from this competition and all the others organized by the Sunrise Evens Vietnam within the next 3 years. In addition, the Organizing Committee will notify the organizers of other sport events in Ho Chi Minh City and the Vietnam Athletics Federation to take sanctions.

Baggage Deposit

  • SEV will not be responsible for any loss and/or damage, personal or otherwise, to the belongings and items deposited at the event baggage storage facility. SEV also reserves the right to open and examine any item or baggage deposited for security purposes.


  • Any individual requesting a waiver of any of these rules must submit a written request no less than 30 days prior to the event date specifying the nature of and reasons for the request.

Amendments / reservations / acknowledgements

  • Event officials reserve the right to modify, supplement or waive all or part of the event rules.
  • Participants shall be bound by any modification or supplement of the event rules published prior to the event.
  • Failure to follow these event rules, as may be amended, will result in immediate disqualification, loss of prizes, and removal from official results.