Established in 2010, Getfit Gym & Yoga quickly emerged as one of the largest fitness brands in Vietnam. With top-notch facilities, modern workout equipment, and a highly skilled team of trainers, Getfit has made a distinctive mark in the Vietnamese fitness community. 

With a philosophy centered around prioritizing customer health as its development goal, Getfit continuously upgrades, innovates, and applies cutting-edge scientific technology to enhance the physical fitness of the Vietnamese population. Aligned with its mission to “Elevate the physical fitness of Vietnamese individuals,” Getfit consistently expands its services with a health and beauty ecosystem including Getfit Beauty & Spa, Getfit Academy, Getfit Fashion, Getfit Nutrition, and more.

Getfit Gym & Yoga is highly praised by numerous customers for its dynamic training environment, catering to diverse workout needs through activities such as Yoga, Sexy Dance, Zumba Dance, Kickboxing, Spinning, Aerobic, Step Crunch, among others. Classes are meticulously designed to be highly professional and tailored to individual body types, ages, and genders, ensuring safe and effective workouts. The sophisticated design of Getfit’s space, coupled with vibrant orange tones and fantastic music, provides a comfortable atmosphere that boosts motivation for training, helping individuals swiftly achieve optimal health and realize their ideal physique.

The workout rooms at Getfit are equipped with state-of-the-art exercise equipment sourced from renowned brands. These include various machines for running, cycling, walking on air, and a system of machines specifically targeting different body parts such as shoulders, chest, waist, hips, thighs, as well as a dedicated area for weightlifting and muscle group exercises, meeting all the workout needs of members. Particularly, Getfit Gym & Yoga is a pioneer in incorporating the Miha Bodytec machine, where just 30 minutes of training with equals the effectiveness of 4 hours using conventional workout machines.

Beyond modern equipment and a professional team of staff and trainers, Getfit Gym & Yoga offers additional amenities like lockers, Face ID check-in, the Getfit Bar area, Getfit Store, and luxurious facilities including hot and cold water purifiers, modern dry and wet saunas, all strategically located within the training space with an area of up to 1,800m2 in each branch.

Come and indulge in the luxurious 5-star workout environment provided by Getfit Gym & Yoga, to relieve stress and fatigue after long hours of work, as well as to achieve a balanced physique and a healthy body.

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