We express our gratitude to King Koil, the product sponsor, for generously providing rewards to the victorious athletes!

As the premier spring mattress brand from the United States, King Koil has provided quality rewards to the top athletes in each distance this edition. By participating in the event, King Koil aims to promote an active lifestyle, emphasizing the physical and mental well-being of every global citizen. Comprehensive development enables us to ‘turn on life’ on the integration journey!

In addition to sponsoring prizes, King Koil is making its first appearance at the Techcombank Ho Chi Minh City International Marathon, featuring booths for attendees to explore new and high-end product lines, such as Arise mattresses, and receive promotional vouchers.

Once more, we appreciate the involvement of the King Koil brand in the events of last week!

* About Sponsor

King Koil, a distinguished spring mattress brand with a rich history spanning over 120 years, enjoys trust in over 90 countries. Since 2018, Everpia Company has taken pride in being the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the King Koil brand in Vietnam. Additionally, Everpia Company is the owner of the Everon brand, a leading bedding brand in Vietnam for over 25 years.