Vico Fresh – rehydrating and replenishing vitamins and minerals for the runners after a marathon

We are pleased to partner with Vico Fresh at the 5th Techcombank Ho Chi Minh City International Marathon.

Vico Fresh with 3 different tastes: original, lotus, and pandan leaves are placed in the Finish Line to energize and supplement “natural nutrients” for runners who have conquered the race!

* About products:
A fruit from a tropical country absorbs all the nutrients from the fertile land of Ben Tre, combined with UHT sterilization technology and packaged in modern Tetra Pak packaging, it meets international standards. Vico Fresh coconut water from 100% fresh coconut water with a fresh and sweet taste will help Runners quickly quench their thirst, and rehydrate and electrolytes immediately after a long journey to the Finish Line.

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