You are a marathon beginner and you want to participate in the International Marathon?

But you don’t know how to start?

Discover 5 #RunTalk before starting your journey as a true runner now.

1. Practice

Keen on practicing running sounds very simple, but it actually requires a lot of persistence and determination for beginners, so let’s start little by little with a combination of walking and running for 20-30 minutes a day and then increase the practice time, intensity, and adjust a suitable exciser schedule for yourself.

2. Equip running gear

Equipping the qualified running shoes, suitable sports wear for different weather conditions and your daily exercise, as well as installing workout tracking apps on your phone or smart watch to track your daily exercise performances.

3. Nutrition

Nutrition greatly affects running performance and recovery after each training session. Save now the foods you should eat before and after the workout will help you stay full energy:

Have a light meal before training, use foods that are rich in simple carbohydrates to provide energy for the body. Be aware that to avoid hip shock when running or an upset stomach, the last meal before a workout session should be from 60 to 90 minutes.

After a run: Replenishing water and electrolytes after a workout is very important to replace water and electrolytes lost through sweating. In addition, you should eat plant-based foods (carbohydrates and proteins, fiber) within 30 minutes of exercise because at this time the body tends to absorb nutrients more effectively to recover, rebuild muscle cells and the human digestive system also absorbs more and more efficiently plant-based nutrients.

4. Muscle recovery routine

New to the sport of running, your body may not be able to adapt to the use of many inactive muscle groups. Therefore, in order for the muscles to recover well, you should make it a habit to warm up before training and stretch all muscle groups after exercise – especially the muscles in the legs and hips to avoid soreness and exercise more regularly and effectively as well as alternating rest and exercise sessions so that the body is not overloaded.

5. Participating in the international Marathon

Experience on the realistic at international Marathons will help you gain more competitive experience and moreover you can use the results to participate in regional or world races. Therefore, it is very important to choose Marathon races with reputable organizers and international standards (AIMS) such as the Techcombank Ho Chi Minh City International Marathon, one of the leading community races in the past 5 years.

Pick pockets these tips for new runners to get ready for practicing to be greater every day and shine at the Techcombank Ho Chi Minh City International Marathon.

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